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Back in 1961, a group of local Inverell artists began meeting in a backyard shed to share their love of pottery & the arts. From there, the Inverell Art Society was formed. The Society now has a team of dedicated volunteers who operate the beautiful, historic Inverell Art Gallery. They have come a long way from their humble beginnings in a backyard shed!

Inverell Art Gallery volunteers, tutors and studio participants
WEB-hannah puechmarin-Inverell Art Gallery-21.jpg
Inverell Art Gallery Manager Jane Peterkin (left) and  President Christina Smith (right)

Inverell Art Gallery Manager

Jane Peterkin

Inverell Art Society Incorporated
Executive Management Committee 2023

President: Christina Smith

Vice President: Kate Dight

Treasurer: Belinda Emerson

Secretary: Val Turner

Public Officer: Hans Mouthaan


Committee 2023

Sharon Gilmour

Cameilia Edwards

Erin Newton

Helena South

Karen Squires

Amelia Kellner

WEB-hannah puechmarin-Inverell Art Gallery-15.jpg
Autumn colours in fine splendor framing the entrance of the Inverell Art Gallery
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